I would like to put all my ideas here. Some ideas may not make sense at the moment. I will try to clarify as much as possible as time progresses. My career projects include: (c#, c++, c, sql <mssql,mysql,oracle>).

Mini Projects

  1. To preserve the tradition, any programming language should start with a "Hello World" project.
  2. A simple input/output project. No storage required.
  3. A simple storage project.
  4. A simple input + storage project.
  5. A simple input/output project with storage.

A few notes on the projects:

  • Storage can be in either database (sql) form, or file form.
  • Projects can be in many forms, including:
    • console,
    • offline windows forms,
    • offline linux forms,
    • web application.

Actual Projects

  1. I want to create an offline client application that captures any mounted drive's file structure and form it into a more meaningful tabulated list. The application should be capable of capturing the mounted drive by using selection mode or drag-and-drop mode.
  2. Another possible project is an alquran viewer and data editor. The viewer should provide an interface well enough to fetch data from sql server or from a storage file.
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