Bottleneck is one of many issues to procure in Software Engineering realms. A few interesting excerpts can be read from here:

One That Slows Down Many

Bottleneck can be spotted in the code when one particular part of the code is responsible to sever the performance of entire process of which the code plays a part. Bottleneck can also be spotted in a conceptual design where the part of the design (the bottleneck point) determines the overall performance; the better the throughput f the bottleneck point, the better the performance, and vice versa.

Prevention Measures : How To Avoid Bottlenecking

It may be practically inconceivable to avoid bottlenecking. No matter how good the design or implementation is, bottlenecks are always going to be there.

The Cure To Retardation : How To Take Care of Bottlenecks

Optimisation Methods, Profiling, and many other practices that focuses on reducing the work duration of the bottleneck point and significantly improves its throughput are remedies to bottlenecks. Procurement strategies need to be employed to continuously and gradually reduce bottlenecking in parts of design and implementation.

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