Worth A Million Rows


This is a UI design issue I thought about (not so) long and hard. I'm borrowing Google search engine's methodology, various known third party libraries I came across, all free software I used, to figure out once and (not) for all, the core problem and possible solution to present a million data.

There Will Never Be One Solution For Everything

At its common use, what we see on a computer screen, (when I say computer, I meant Personal Computers, Calculators, Mobile Phones, Netbooks, DVD player, or other futuristic media of computation), is a presentation of data. I can take a few moments to describe the varieties of data presentation, but this isn't one of those moments. I want to focus on discussing a matter of presenting a list of data.

What Do You Want To See?

You Google search "play" to retrieve data, any kind of information the web provides, that hits the word "play". You will soon find yourself amazed that 440,000 listings of the word "play" are provided. What whould you do? What data do you really want? When we want to look for something, and there are literally a million of options to choose from, what is your approach on which information you would like to see? The most common expression is most likely "I'll pick the first one on the list." Google's page rating algo's and some other technologies they implement will provide you with the best option "they" can determine best on your inquiry, and put it on top of the list. Does that mean that the 439,999th option won't suit you best? or even as good as the 1st option? Who the fuck does Goolgle think it is, telling what's best for us and what's not,what's popular, and what's not?

What's Your Problem?

The problem I actually want to address is Google's methodology to show search results. By default, the first search result shows 10 highly recommended links. Then Google decides to throw in a few Navigation controls to navigate from one search result page to the next/previous. That's what it's doing, showing the user a few information at a time, so user can take time to browse to one group (page) of few selections, and then the other group of few selections.

What To Learn From The Masters

Data presentation on how a human user may push and pull data is the core issue.

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